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So far not so bad: Czech coronavirus update

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So far the coronavirus, in the Czech Republic as well as most of the world, has remained relatively contained. Several suspicious cases in the country have proved negative as just normal flu or cold symptoms. Several countries have started additional screens as we reported at Prague airport in yesterday’s update. People are advised to clean hands often, especially after visiting busy public places.

The virus has been contained in Europe to Germany and France thus far, with deaths only being reported in China. The number of confirmed cases on Tuesday was north of 4500, compared to less than 3000 on Monday.

A good sign of risks in any crisis is looking how world stock markets are reacting. After Monday’s sell-off of about 2% globally, markets largely rebounded on Tuesday meaning investors do not see the virus become an epidemic at this stage. Travel and some food stocks have taken a hit, with bio-tech and pharmaceuticals posting healthy gains.

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