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Taiwan’s protest at deal with Beijing targets Prague City

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Prague/Taipei, Feb 27 (CTK) – The Czech Foreign Ministry has no information about the Taiwanese government’s protest against the new deal on partnership between the cities of Prague and Beijing, in which Prague recognises the one-China policy, the ministry spokeswoman Michaela Lagronova said on Saturday.

The document explicitly says Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

According to the Taiwanese CNA agency, the Taipei government sharply protested against the document the 65-member Prague City Assembly approved by a majority of 35 votes on Thursday.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry has reportedly asked the Czech Foreign Ministry for explanation and called on the Prague leadership to correct its step.

Taipei said the Republic of China, which is the official name of Taiwan, will never accept any formulation blackening the country’s sovereignty.

The Republic of China has been an independent sovereign state since its establishment in 1912, the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry added.

Lagronova said the Czech Foreign Ministry has no information about Taiwan’s protest for the moment.

“I have no information about it, but the whole affair will probably be forwarded to the City of Prague, as it is the Prague Hall’s initiative,” Lagronova said, referring to the brand-new partnership between the Czech and Chinese capital cities.

The agreement is to boost bilateral cooperation in the areas of business, tourism, culture, education, health care, transport and services.

Its text has been criticised by some Czech politicians.

Taiwan became the refuge of nationalists from the Kuomintang party after the Communists’ victory in the continental China in 1949.

Both the People’s Republic of China, on the continent, and the Republic of China, in Taiwan, present themselves as legitimate representatives of the people of China.

Beijing, however, considers Taiwan its province yet to be liberated and it opposes any steps Taiwan would take towards its independence.

Taiwan’s independence has been recognised by about 20 countries only, all of them being small states depending on their relations with Taiwan.

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