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Chief of staff: Cyber forces command to be formed next year

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Prague, June 28 (CTK) – The Czech military wants to establish a new cyber forces command at the beginning of next year, Chief of Staff Ales Opata said at the Zofin Forum conference, devoted to the military and Czech defence industry, on Thursday.

Opata said he believed the command was a key to the success in reaction to the current and future security threats.

Opata repeated that the creation of new units, including the cyber and information operations centre, would be one of his priorities.

“This is an affair to cut across all domains within which we move at present,” he added.

Opata said the growth in the cyber capacities had to be dynamic.

“If we only build them in 15 years, we will get into a situation in which the war will be led in quite a different way,” he added.

The military is also preparing a logistics battalion, to be seated in Rakovnik, central Bohemia.

The military command also wants to upgrade the current 43rd parachuting battalion to a regiment.

Opata said the military needed to enhance the capabilities of manoeuvring units because the deployment rate of the current ones was too high, due to which the troops did not have enough time to relax.

The military command is also ahead of changes. The military had prepared itself for the war that was to start in 15-20 years, Opata said.

At present, the security environment has changed and the military command and its individual tiers had to be flexible, able to react immediately.

The current two-tier command should change into a three-tier system, with a strategic, tactical and operational levels, he added.

New Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar told the conference he would like the Czech industry to take a bigger part in the arms deliveries.

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