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Young man climbs on top of a stationary train wagon, killed by electrical current

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A young man, born in 1995, climbed onto a stationary cargo train wagon at Horovice train station, in the Beroun area, and was killed by electrical current on Saturday morning. “The young man climbed onto a cistern wagon and touched the electrical conductor, killing him instantly” said the spokeswoman for the Stredocesky police Vendulka Mareckova. Foul play has been ruled out but the coronary will do an autopsy to confirm the cause of death. The Beroun criminal police will also conduct an investigation.

There has been a shocking trend in recent years of people doing various dangerous “dares” or “selfie pics” while carrying out often fatal activities. The website was setup for the exact purpose of convincing potential daredevils that the trade-off for doing something so dangerous is not worth the risk.

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