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Czech man compensated for farm eviction after 66 years

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Brno, Aug 30 (CTK) – The Justice Minister will send the compensation of 200 crowns to Milan Hlobilek whose family was evicted from its farm in Mistrin, south Moravia, within the “Operation K (Kulak)” without any legal substantiation, in 1951, Hlobilek’s lawyer Lubomir Muller told journalists on Wednesday.

Last year, Hlobilek, 85, was rehabilitated.

Muller said he was not satisfied with the compensation, but he did not know whether Hlobilek would continue with his efforts.

At the time of eviction, Hlobilek was a 19-year-old son of peasant Metodej Hlobilek, posthumously rehabilitated this spring.

They were evicted from Mistrin on April 21, 1951.

A lorry drove to the farm and in the presence of the Communist police, the family could only take along with it what could be loaded on the lorry.

It lost the rest of its property. The family of Metodej’s brother Antonin was also forced to leave the farm. In all it had to be left by ten people.

“We were driven to a lone house nearby,” Metodej Hlobilek’s daughter Eliska Koleckarova told journalists earlier.

“When we were evicted by Germans, I used to say that they were our enemies, I have to endure this. But this time our people were evicting an innocent man,” she added.

The family was never compensated. Muller said based on the court rehabilitation, the Justice Ministry adjudged the compensation of 200 crowns to Milan Hlobilek on August 28.

The sum is to cover the court costs.

Hlobilek also demanded a lump sum in compensation for the lost profit and costs of his stay in custody.

However, the ministry decided that the limitations the applicant had to suffer illegally did not necessarily cause the loss of profit.

Muller said he was not satisfied.

“The law on court rehabilitations says the compensation should be adequate. In my view, the sum of 200 court is not adequate,” he added.

There is the question of whether in his age Hlobilek is ready to start another trial whose result is uncertain, Muller said.

At the time of eviction, the two brothers had the farm in a cooperative. Due to this form of ownership, the family could not get it back within the return of property after the fall of the Communist regime. The farm no longer exists and there is a petrol station in its place.

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