Karvina, North Moravia, Oct 30 (CTK) – A Czech court Monday released Bohumir Duricko from prison after he served two thirds of his 12.5-year sentence for a murder of an acquaintance of former prime minister Jiri Paroubek in 2008.

The court set a probation period of seven years for Duricko. It banned him from drinking alcohol and possessing any arms.

Duricko also must neither contact the family of the man he shot dead nor get close to the place the family has been living. During the first year after his release from prison, he must spend all nights at home.

In 2008, Duricko, a hotel owner, shot Vaclav Kocka Jr during an autograph session of then Social Democrat (CSSD) leader Paroubek in a Prague restaurant. The two man started a dispute in the restaurant. Paroubek later distanced himself from both men.

Duricko, 64, has five daughters. He sought the reopening of his case unsuccessfully in the past.