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Prague resumes partnership with Moscow, St Petersburg

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Prague, Nov 4 (CTK) – The culture committee of the Prague Assembly backed Wednesday Mayor Adriana Krnacova´s proposal that Prague resume its partnership with Moscow and St Petersburg that the previous City Council suspended over the situation in Ukraine and the Russian annexation of Crimea last year.

To take effect, the plan needs to be approved by the City Assembly.

The committee said the reasons for suspending the partnership are over now and that cooperation between world cities should not depend on the foreign political situation.

In her proposal, Krnacova (ANO) also cites a letter from the Foreign Ministry that calls on Prague to reassess its approach.

The opposition TOP 09, which governed Prague when the partnership was suspended last year, criticised Krnacova´s plan.

The situation in Ukraine has not improved since, Vaclav Novotny, head of the TOP 09 group in the City Assembly, said.

Prague suspended its partnership with Moscow and St Petersburg in September 2014. The former mayor, Tomas Hudecek (TOP 09), called on other Czech towns to follow Prague´s example.

St Petersburg said the suspension was a hostile gesture of Prague.

Moscow was Prague´s partner city from 1995.

After pro-Western demonstrations toppled the Viktor Yanukovych regime in Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea.

Kiev also accuses Moscow of backing pro-Russian rebels within the conflict that flared up in eastern Ukraine. Moscow dismisses any involvement.

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