Prague, Feb 7 (CTK) – Czech Radio (CRo) will ask the police headquarters to check the incident that occurred during the Saturday rally against Islam in Prague and where several men repeatedly attacked CRo’s OB van, but the present police did not react, CRo spokesman Jiri Hosna said in a press release on Sunday.

Hosna said the assailants had tried to break into the van and to disrupt the broadcasting. They eventually switched off its source of energy, he added.

“In the tense situation, a Cro reporter asked a police patrol standing near the van to intervene,” he added.

“However, instead of the help, he encountered a dismissive and arrogant attitude of the present police officers,” Hosna said.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats, CSSD) said he had the information checked.

He wants to have the results finished within two weeks.

Prague police spokesman Jan Danek told CTK he had no information that the police had made any mistake in the Saturday accident.

Chovanec has tasked the police president to check the “alleged excesses.”

He reacted to the speculations that have appeared online that the masked men attacking the Saturday march of leftist activists were the police in disguise.

On Saturday afternoon, over 1,000 people attended a rally staged by the Block Against Islam and Down movement.

In their speeches, the activists criticised the advocates of refugees, Czech and European refugees and warned of migration to Europe.

The event was part of the protests staged by the German Pegida across Europe.