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Over 120 firefighters extinguishing fire in Prague

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Prague, May 8 (CTK) – About 120 firefighters have been trying to extinguish the fire that broke out in a factory plant in the Prague-Hostivar district on Tuesday, firefighters’ spokesman Martin Kavka has told journalists, adding that the fire still is not under control and not exactly localised.

Prague rescue service spokeswoman Jana Postova said one firefighter was hospitalised over exhaustion.

There are 12 professional and 10 voluntary fire-fighting teams there.

The director of the Prague firefighters Roman Hlinovsky has also come to the scene.

The fire is now threatening a joiner’s workshop located nearby. To protect it, the Cobra devise was used that sprays water into fog in order to cool down the area.

The rescue workers have examined nine police officers and one women over the suspicion that they have inhaled carbon dioxide, but they did not have to be hospitalised, Postova said.

The explosion in the burning hall was caused by pressure cylinders. Some more of them can still be in the plant, Kavka said.

The hall is likely to have been a store for plastic foam.

No injuries have been reported.

The police have sealed off the perimeter around the fire and partly closed the traffic in adjoining streets.

Earlier on Tuesday, the top, fourth degree of fire alert was declared. This is done if a fire threatens over 1,000 people or the areas of over 1 square kilometre. It is also declared if the means from other regions have to be used.

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