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Short-term flat rentals to see additional rules

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Prague City Council has approved four rules which are to be used as a basis for upcoming negotiations with the Ministry of Internal Development concerning short-term rental platforms. Counselor Hana Marvanova (STAN) said that the largest change would be for Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms to provide municipalities with information about rentals.

The four ideas that the Prague City Council have agreed on are limiting rentals, neighbors permission before going live on the platform, and fulfilling the same safety and building standards as hotels.

Marvanova added that all the parties are in agreement on the rules. “Without legislative changes, or changes in specific laws, Prague and other large cities do not have the tools in the law, how to deal with the platforms such as Airbnb, in terms of resident stress.”

Major Hrib (Pirate) has supported the initiative and agrees that the idea of controlling what is done with each flat is necessary. He stated Monday that only rooms should be rented on platforms, not entire flats.

A similar bundle of rules were drafted last year but failed to pass. With the exception of the KSCM party, all others are said to support the “adjustment of law” as the City Council has addressed the changes.

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