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Tasmanian Devil arrives in Prague

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The Tazmanian Devil, which should be the highlight of the new Tasmania and Australia exhibit opening at the Prague Zoo, arrived in the city last week and is acclimating. The exhibit design was inspired by the meteor which recently crashed in Tazmania and will be constructed with references to a crater. The company VW WACHAL will build the exhibition for 69 million Crowns, so the devils will have a nice living area close to the main entrance. The Director of the Zoo Miroslav Bobek released the information yesterday during a press conference.

Bobek was also proud to add that the Prague Zoo is only the second in Europe to have a Tasmanian Devil, which shows the high regard the zoo has in the international community. The first zoo to have a Tasmanian Devil is Copenhagen, which received it as a present to the royal family. In Prague’s case, the animal was not a present to Zeman, just a contribution to the venue and team which have built a great attraction. Don’t miss the opening day of the new exhibition, March 28th, 2020.

Amongst other projects, the Zoo has launched construction of a Gorilla pavilion, due to finish in 2021. The Zoo is also in the midst of planning an Antarctic exposition for Polar Bears. The construction costs would be about 150 million Crowns.

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