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Prague extends ban on Segway transporters

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Prague, Aug 15 (CTK) – The Prague councillors approved the extension of the ban on the Segway two-wheel electric personal transporters, used mainly by foreign tourists, to apply in other districts and not only in the historical centre on Tuesday.

People on these transporters will newly not be allowed to enter the whole Prague 2 and parts of the Prague 10 neighbourhood.

The amendment to the municipal directive is to take effect this year.

Prague approved the ban on the Segway transporters last May and they disappeared from the centre last December after the respective traffic signs were installed.

The Segway Czech Republic association of the personal transporter (PT) operators, which defends the interests of about 20 firms, demanded that the measure be lifted, but in vain. A Prague court definitively rejected its complaint in April.

The ban is now valid in the historical centre (Prague 1) and a part of the broader centre.

The extended ban is to be published in August 18. Subsequently, the Road Technical Authority will have to install the respective traffic signs on all access roads to the zones where these personal transporters must not be used.

The police can impose an up to 2000-crown fine for violating the ban.

District town halls and people in the centre of Prague complained about the disturbing operation of the Segway PTs that were mainly used by tourists. Their ban was enabled by an amendment to the road traffic law that newly described them as vehicles instead of pedestrians.

After the ban on the Segway transporters took effect, their operators used them for advertising in the centre. However, they thereby violated the market regulations. Some of them bought and started operating electric scooters, to which the ban does not apply yet, in the centre.

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