Starting today, the city requests that all people going into the MHD, Prague Mass Transit System, to wear protection across their nose and mouth. Also, the Mayor of Prague Zdenek Hrib (Pirati) recommended to stores that they insist that customers cover their face and nose as well. The measures were brought in to further protect the people who need to move around the city during the quarantine lockdown. There is no penalty or fine for not wearing protection, but some MHD drivers may stop and ask you to leave the vehicle.

As of the 17th of March the city will have three mobile ambulances driving around and doing testing around the city, especially in high risk areas where infected patients may have visited.

There is also a chance to volunteer as Prague is seeking people to operate telephone help lines. Any volunteers will be banned from mixing with high risk people, like the elderly.

Mayor Hrib told Praguers that if they have masks they should wear them. If not then make one, Hrib set an example by making himself a mask from cloth and paper clips.