Prague, May 19 (CTK) – A virtual cycling ride including European arts sightseeing will be offered to Praguers within the Big Art Ride event that has been gradually held in ten European countries within the celebrations of the start of the Netherlands’ EU presidency.

The event will present Europeana, a digital arts collection that is a part of the European Digital Library.

The first to ride the stationary bicycle and put on special glasses will be Ed Hoeks, the Dutch ambassador to Prague.

As the first racer in Prague, Hoeks will compete with Paul Keller, a member of the Europeana Foundation who will be simultaneously cycling in Amsterdam.

The Big Art Ride’s goal is to present works of art by interactive means.

Every cyclist, with the glasses on, will set out for a virtual tour of Europe. They will be able to choose seven EU countries whose towns they will visit to acquaint themselves with their history and contemporary life, and also the creation of the works of arts that have been included in the Europeana280 project.

Each tour will be transmitted on a big screen so that it can also be enjoyed by the passers-by.

Each Prague rider will virtually compete with their counterparts in Amsterdam.

The Big Art Ride will take place outside the main gate to the Vystaviste exhibition area in Prague 7 on May 20-22 from 11:00 to 19:00.

Europeana280 is an international project aimed to attract people to European arts and seek ways to share and enjoy the works of arts from the European heritage.

The Europeana280 collection will offer over 300 works of art from all 28 EU countries and Norway. It includes ten Czech artifacts from the museums in Prague, Brno and elsewhere.