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Cutting the budget: Prague cancels fireworks for upcoming New Year

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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions: 2020-2021 frontier will be the first in years not to see fireworks or video mapping for the New Year’s celebration, reports. The call comes after a significant economic downturn triggered by the lockdown and the worrying impact of Covid-19 on global markets.

Annually, Prague holds fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the new year on 1st January. Last year, traditional fireworks were replaced with video mapping at the National Museum to reduce negative impacts, such as stress for animals, which cost almost two million crowns, according to This year, Prague’s City Council decided to abandon the costly celebrations all together because of the economic downfall, which is roughly estimated at 12 to 15 billion CZK.

“The capital is currently trying to find financial savings and use the money effectively to cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic and to support Praguers, seniors, entrepreneurs, the socially disadvantaged and other groups, to support tourism, services and other areas,” reports.

Covid-19 has negatively influenced most countries in the world. Some of the worst impacted industries were tourism, hospitality, and small businesses. As a result, the Czech Republic rushed to implement programs to support the citizens – despite that, many small and medium-size businesses will likely lose revenue or will go out of business completely.

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