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CZK 15 billion Prague metro service contract: also not done in due process

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After the weekend hack-a-thon proved that a CZK 401 million contract for a web based vignette system can be made in a few hours time, with 60 programmers, Prague’s politicians are on a witch hunt. Next is the CZK 15 billion Prague metro maintenance contract which was signed without a public tender.

The Director of the Prague Transit Authority (DPP) Petr Witowski will keep his job, for now, but the coalition government has ordered a complete review. In play is the question as to why neither the supervisory board nor the City management were not informed of the signing of the contract? Major Hrib has said that if there is any similarity in the deal with the highway toll system, which could mean higher than average pricing or more suppliers were available, the guilty will be dealt with in a similar manner.

Witowski claims that he is surprised by the reaction and was following protocol. Skoda Transport owns the rights and materials for maintenance, meaning there is no alternative for many wagons which are in service.

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