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Petition for Prague square to bear name of murdered Nemtsov

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Prague, Feb 27 (CTK) – A new Czech petition wants the square outside the Russian embassy in Prague to be renamed after Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition politician who was assassinated in Moscow a year ago, one of its initiators, Frantisek Nejedly, told CTK during a Prague march commemorating Nemtsov on Saturday.

A crowd of about 70 people marched from the city centre to the Russian embassy situated not far to the north in the Bubenec neighbourhood.

The name of the square where the embassy stands is Pod Kastany (Under Chestnuts).

“The proposal to rename the square has been made in honour of Boris Nemtsov and all Russian democratic politicians. It should also show that Prague supports the defence of human rights and democracy in the world,” Nejedly said.

After the demonstrators reached the square, the organisers unfolded a banner reading “Boris Nemtsov Square.”

No incidents accompanied the event.

“People can also sign the petition online. Over 600 people added their signatures this afternoon alone, we are satisfied with the result,” Nejedly said.

Nemtsov (1959-2015) was Russian deputy PM under president Boris Yeltsin in 1997-98. After his departure from parliament in 2003, he helped organise street protests against the regime of President Vladimir Putin. He was repeatedly arrested and imprisoned.

He criticised the Kremlin for the worsening economic situation, corruption and Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Nemtsov was shot dead by his assassinator before a demonstration against the Putin government and the war in Ukraine, scheduled for March 1, 2015. Earlier on the day of his murder, he gave an interview to the Ukrainian radio about the planned protest.

His murder has not been cleared up so far.

About 7,500 people took part in a march that was held in commemoration of Nemtsov in Moscow on Saturday.

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