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School using scientology teaching methods opens in Brno

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The weekly Týden reported last week that the Brno-based teaching centre Basic had been granted a license from the Education Ministry to open an elementary school. The school of “applied scholastics” will follow the teaching methods of science-fiction writer and scientology founder Ron Hubbard.

The centre said that the programme, which is set to start in September, will be “entirely non-religious”, but experts fear that the school could become a recruitment centre for new members of the church.

Unlike some other European countries, most notably Germany and France, the Czech Republic does recognise scientology as a religion, and the church can therefore legally operate in the country.

In France, a trial has just started with several members of the Church of Scientology who were accused of illegally prescribing drugs and manipulating followers into handing over their savings. The trial could result in the church being banned from the country.

  • Do you believe a school using Hubbard’s teaching methods could be separate from the Church of Scientology?
  • Should the Education Ministry subsidise the new school?
  • Should the Czech Republic stop recognising scientology as a religion?
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