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How did you like Obama’s Prague speech?

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How did you like Obama’s Prague speech?

The world must be free of nuclear weapons, and it is the moral responsibility of the United States to act, US President Barack Obama said yesterday when giving his major European speech in Prague. But people of the country, whose government agreed to host a missile defence shield, did not get a clear answer whether the defence system would be built or not.

If all Obama is hoping to achieve would come true, the shield would no longer be needed. But is he going to achieve his goals?

Obama wants Iran to take part in the community of nations on political and economical level. He wants to bring the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty into force in order to achieve a global ban on nuclear testing. He wants the United States to start working on reduction of its nuclear arsenal. He seeks global disarmament.

Everyone, including Obama, knows this will not be easy. North Korea launched another rocket only a few hours before Obama gave his speech.

Václav Havel, who met with US president yesterday, said people have way too high expectations of Obama and if he fails to meet them, they could be disappointed and turn against him.

  • What are your expectations of Obama?
  • How did you like his Prague speech? Did you attend?
  • Do you think he can achieve his nuclear goals?

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