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Talkback: Voice your opinion on today’s Czech news

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Talkback, a forum to voice you opinion on today’s Czech news.

This week’s topic:Could the KSČM rejoin the government at the national level?

Following their victory in the regional elections, the Social Democrats (ČSSD)are negotiating with other parties to form local governments. So far a decision has been made in seven of the 13 regions. In five of them, the ČSSD will most likely rely on the support of the communists. KSČM will participate either as a coalition partner (Karlovy Vary, Moravia-Silesia), or they will support the one-party minority government of the ČSSD. For the first time since 1990, the communists will be participating in regional governments. Some say this could be the first step toward bringing the unreformed communist party, which has never fully rejected its totalitarian past, into the government at national level.

  • Could the KSČM rejoin the government at the national level?
  • What do you think has helped the ČSSD win the elections?
  • What are you expecting from the ČSSD/KSČM collaboration?

    Email us at: [email protected].

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  • Could Communists replicate first participation in regional governments at national level?

    Your comments on the previous issue of Talkback on Milan Kundera. Monitor reader Mary Mares says she believes Respekt “absolutely” did the right thing in publishing an article about Kundera’s alleged reporting an western agent to the communist police 1950. “Kudos to them for being credited by the New York Times for their article.
    Communist archives should be revealed and discussed publicly. What the system did had a huge impact on millions of people. It’s just very surprising and disappointing that it wasn’t done sooner.”

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