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Talkback: Voice your opinion on today’s Czech news

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Talkback, a forum to voice your opinion on today’s Czech news.

This week’s topic: Are Czechs EU trouble-makers?

Last week Czech officials criticised the 100% guarantee of bank deposits introduced by some EU countries. They raised concern that big countries could sidestep the rules of the Growth and Stability Pact that set budget deficit limits. They required that guarantees for deposits be equal for all countries and in agreement with competition rules. But the package of emergency measures had already been approved within the eurozone and the Czech Republic is now being blamed for making it more complicated. The Czech stance may not even be taken into consideration when dealing with the issue. This all comes only two and a half months before the Czechs are due to take over the EU presidency.

Some call the Czech position “shrewish” and “not forward-looking”. And some are predicting the Czech Republic will face similar difficulties from other countries when it takes up the presidency.

  • Do you think the Czech Republic is right when opposing the package?
  • Do you agree with the anti-crisis measures approved by the EU?
  • What do you think the Czech Republic is trying to achieve?

    Email us at: [email protected].

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    Your comments on last week’s Talkback.

    Monitor reader Rudolf responded to the comment written by our reader Douglas and published in last week’s issue of Talkback. Douglas commented on elements of discrimination and racism within the Czech culture.

    “The best part of Douglas’s letter is that it was written not by one of those ‘bad’, ‘revisionist’, ‘revanchist’ … expelled Sudeten Germans but by an honorable Englishman who suggests that human rights universally apply to all European citizens. Instead, the Czech people’s (50%) and parliamentarians’ (100%) clinging to the minorities-discriminating Benes decrees designates the Czechs as one of the most racist nations on Earth.”

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