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When Klaus was defending his post in the 2008 presidential vote, a friend of mine said she was supporting him because she was familiar with his policies and knew what to expect from him. Did she have in mind Klaus’ statements calling man-made global warming a myth? Did she mean his close ties to Putin’s Russia? Did she mean his anti-European stance, which now after the fall of the government and possible delays of the Treaty integration, is celebrating a success?

Klaus is often described as being provocative and arrogant. He knows he has nothing to lose now when he is ending his term. What else we can expect from him? Several Monitor readers have expressed opinions about the Czech president in reaction to Klaus’ recent statement that he would not shake hands with his Belarus counterpart Lukashenko.

Do you agree with Scott Hudson and Pivero that Klaus likes to take stances to garner media attention? What can Klaus accomplish before his term ends? Do you think he would act differently if he could still run for reelection in the next term?

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