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Democracy and freedom without limits?

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Table of Contents

Last Thursday a group of approximately 40 far-right extremists marched through the centre of Prague in protest of June arrests of 10 neo-Nazi concerts organisers. The 10 people arrested are currently being prosecuted for the promotion of neo-Nazi, racist and xenophobic ideas. Police said they were all members of the National Resistance. If convicted, they might face up to eight years in prison.

The protesters unfurled a banner reading Svobodu (Freedom) and demanded the “political prisoners” to be released. Some handed out leaflets. Similar protests took place in June across the country. Yesterday’s march was watched over by police and members of the anti-conflict team and ended peacefully.

Meanwhile, Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb released a report on the situation of the Roma community in the Czech Republic stating the influx of Roma to Canada has been mainly caused by the growing activities of right-wing extremists and the growing support of the movement among the general public.

• Could the arrested neo-Nazis be considered political prisoners?
• Should democracy mean freedom of expression of oppressive groups?
• Why is the public support of extremism growing?

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