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Opposition TOP 09 seeks scrapping of 16 gov’t measures

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Prague, May 17 (CTK) – The Czech rightist opposition TOP 09 party has completed a list of 16 measures introduced by the centre-left cabinet, which it views as restricting people’s freedom and it will do its best to achieve their abolition, TOP 09 chairman Miroslav Kalousek told reporters on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said most of the criticised measures are aimed against tax fraud and illegal gambling and that they do not limit decent citizens and businesspeople.

He said the government must take steps against those who violate laws or do not pay taxes.

TOP 09’s list includes measures such as the electronic registration of sales (EET), VAT ledger statements and the National Registry of Health Services covered by insurance.

Apart from the above laws, which have been passed already, the list includes the government’s proposals that are being discussed by parliament.

They are a bill on proving the origin of one’s property, a draft register of athletes, sports clubs and coaches, the proposal to fine those showing disrespect for an official on duty and the proposal that hypermarkets be closed on selected national holidays.

All the measures are connected by the fact that they restrict freedom and increase people’s dependence on the state, Kalousek said.

“When discussed separately, their social dangerousness need not be that striking. We want to make people aware of the fact that there has been too much of it. The list of measures has become quite extensive, it may have weakened the defence reflexes of the society,” Kalousek said.

The list also includes the power of the Supreme Audit Office (NKU) to control the public Czech Television (CT) and Czech Radio (CRo), an extension of the list of crimes of which legal entities may be accused, and a bill enabling the Finance Ministry to block the Internet pages that offer banned games.

Kalousek, former finance minister, said he views the last mentioned bill, which is now being discussed by the Senate, as Internet censorship.

The opposition has challenged the EET with the Constitutional Court (US).

TOP 09 wants to fight against the other measures as well.

“We will do our utmost and use all opportunities for the points on our list to cease to exist,” Kalousek said.

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