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Babiš praising Zeman for speech at ČSSD congress

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Prague, Feb 18 (CTK) – The speech President Milos Zeman delivered at the congress of the Social Democrats (CSSD) was truthful, pertinent and witty, Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) told journalists on Sunday.

Petr Fiala, leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), said Babis’s assessment was not surprising because Zeman’s recommendations headed towards the destruction of the CSSD and its replacement with ANO.

In his speech, Zeman called on the CSSD to negotiate with ANO about a support for its government, but it should not seek ministerial posts.

“I guess whether I have ever heard a better speech on the party soil than the one delivered by Zeman. I say that it was excellent. Truthful, pertinent, witty, delivered by heart. In my view, he is a genius as an orator,” Babis said.

“Babis liked Zeman’s speech. This is no surprise. He recommended to the CSSD that it go to a government along with ANO, but not directly. It should let the ministerial posts to ANO, keeping those of deputy ministers. One can hardly a give a better recipe for the destruction of the CSSD and its replacement with ANO,” Fiala has tweeted.

Zeman also said the Social Democrats’ falling preferences were due to their having no real personality at their head. He indirectly mentioned their former leader Bohuslav Sobotka who left the post last June, several months before the October election to the Chamber of Deputies.

Zeman has called on the CSSD to surrender to Babis, TOP 09 leader Jiri Pospisil said.

This has confirmed that Babis is forming a government of Zeman, he added.

Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) deputy chairman Daniel Herman said Zeman’s speech was arrogant.

“Milos Zeman is telling the Social Democrats that they should surrender to Babis and that they should not even want the posts of ministers. Does still anyone doubt that a Zeman’s government is in the making?” Pospisil asked.

KDU-CSL first deputy chairman Marian Jurecka also criticised Zeman’s recommendation.

“I think that any party should have the aim of being in such a coalition in which it can insist on its programme, where it will have the partners taking part in its implementation. This certainly cannot be exchanged for the posts of deputy ministers,” Jurecka has tweeted.

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