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Czech News in English » Sport » Slavia and Bohemians together at Eden?

Slavia and Bohemians together at Eden?

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Bohemians 1905 (ČTK): Fans do not want to give up on the stadium.Fans do not want to give up on the stadium. (ČTK)
Will the Eden stadium become the house of both Slavia footballers (who are at home there now) and Bohemians 1905 (who are currently housed in Vršovice’s “Ďolíček” – the little hollow)? It is possible. Prague 10 city hall is considering assets entry into the E Side Property, company running the most modern football arena in the country.

E Side Property, the owner of Eden, came to offer the possibility of talks to the hall. The city hall is mulling over the potential acquisition of 34% in the company that would enable its participation in decision making concerning the stadium.

Prague 10 representatives say this is an attempt to save football in the area. Talks of the threat of moving the second league club Bohemians 1905 from their traditional stadium in Ďolíček have been going around for a while. Allegedly, the owner of the club lacks finances for the necessary reconstruction. Some councillors therefore think there is a possibility the club will decide to move outside Prague 10. They see the possibility of Bohemians 1905 playing at Slavia stadium as an emergency solution.

Fans disagree

Bohemians fans, who saved the club from decline three years ago, are currently opposing the co-habitation of the two traditional Prague football clubs.

“Investing in Slavia means we have given up on preserving Ďolíček,” one of the fans said at a Thursday meeting of the Prague 10 council. “The Eden stadium is not suited to house two teams,” Jiří Hlinka, representative of SOS Ďolíček, said.

Fans think some CZK 45 million would suffice to save the stadium while the investment in the ownership of Slavia stadium would cost some hundreds of millions.

According to Prague 10 spokesman, Jan Charvát, the town hall has not given up on Ďolíček stadium. Councillor Roman Rogner (Green Party) has been appointed to negotiate with the property owners about preservation of Bohemians at the current location.

Club management welcomes talks

President of the Bohemians 1905 club, Lukáš Přibyl, welcomes the talks. “99% of clubs are supported by towns. We welcome Prague 10’s interest in this sport,” he told ČTK.

He denied claims the club discussed moving to Eden with Slavia. “Bohemians fans don’t want it, Slavia fans don’t want it, so there is no will to take such a step,” he said.

Přibyl also rejected claims that the club owner asked for a zoning plan change in order to build something else on the stadium grounds. According to Přibyl, the owner only wants to amend the lower level of the existing tribunes, which he would like to use for commercial purposes to get money for operation.

Translated with permission by the Prague Daily Monitor.

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