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The Prague Daily Monitor is the Czech Republic’s original and longest-standing daily online newspaper.

The Monitor delivers the most important and interesting Czech news stories, in English, via a daily email briefing.

Respected, trusted, relied on by professionals.

Top executives, diplomats, expatriates, and professionals around the world depend on the Monitor to stay abreast of Czech news. Statistics from a recent survey show they are well-off, educated, mature, and read the Monitor often.



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The Monitor is the only independently-audited English-language publication in the Czech Republic. Ad placements appear in both our daily email sent to 6,000 readers and on The Breakfast Brief also contains the Senior Banner advert.

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  • Big Box: biggest and most prominent
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  • Search sponsor: a single slot on nearly every web page
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  • Simple but effective over time

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We understand these are difficult times but that only intensifies your need to reach potential customers. As a niche but nimble publication, we are able to offer flexible advertising solutions to meet the needs of any marketing budget. Please contact us with an idea of your goals and available resources, and we can craft a campaign in the Monitor to meet your aims.

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