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Czech News in English » Business » Tourism Union and gastronomy demand compensation from government

Tourism Union and gastronomy demand compensation from government

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The Tourism Union forces the state to provide compensation to small and medium-sized businesses such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, travel guides, and others. They assume “civil disobedience” if the government doesn’t provide any support.

This Monday, the government will decide whether to close the restaurants and hotels again after two weeks of working. The entrepreneurs feel are not happy with the development since Christmas and New Year Eve are the most profitable periods. The Tourism Union said in their official statement:

“All our members are on the verge of having only two options: ‘obedient’ bankruptcy, or active expression of civil disobedience.”

The Tourism Union includes 16 professional associations, including nearly 8000 companies and approximately 250 000 jobs. They provided the whole list of demands. Some of them are listed here:

Providing compensations in the same way as in Germany and Austria, where there is a heavy lockdown, but the government compensations are up to 75% of the last year’s turnover.

Stop blaming the private business as the cause of the virus.

The government already presented new restrictions by demanding restaurants to close before 8 pm. Some restaurants, such as the Tankovna U Zlatého Jelena and the Šeberák restaurant in Smíchov, refused to follow the rules. They already received threats from the police for disobedience.

Robert Vrkoč, executive of the company Obývák, explained that he doesn’t understand the measures because they are discriminative mostly against the gastronomy sector. Obývák joined the initiative called Chcípl PES against the PES system measures.

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