The Czech pop-punk number one, the band Rybičky 48, has prepared a great Christmas present for their fans! The band consisting of Kuba Ryba, Petr Lebeda, Ondra Štorek and Michal Brener untraditionally released a brand new video for the new single DVĚ DECI VÍNA  on December 24th. But definitely don’t expect a typical Christmas story. „Actually, it should be a light confession of an elderly womanizer, an artist who found something artistic even in making love to a woman,“said the band’s frontman Kuba Ryba. The great actors Hana Vagnerová and Michal Dlouhý, and even Michal Malátný from Chinaski for a while, appear in the main roles in the music video. „The song was created like everyone else. I strummed atContinue Reading

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new professional English-language theatre company in Prague called CLASSIC STAGE. CLASSIC STAGE will present live and virtual productions of the work of the great 19th and 20th century English-language playwrights, including Tony Award- , Pulitzer Prize- , and Olivier Award-winning plays. Their first production was a Zoom presentation in August, 2021 of Sir Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit, which will be repeated on Wednesday, September 15th at 8:00 Central European time. The link to register and watch this free performance is They will be presenting Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof live in a theatre and with dates to be announced this November, and they will follow this withContinue Reading

The Academy of St Martin in the Fields is pleased to announce its concerts and projects for autumn 2021. The Orchestra has been performing live to in-person audiences since May 2021 and is looking forward to continuing this autumn. Highlights include: Concerts continue at St Martin-in-the-Fields, the Orchestra’s namesake church Concerts with Music Director Joshua Bell begin with an exploration of Vivaldi and Piazolla’s Four Seasons at the BBC Proms A celebration of three female composers with ‘The Beacon Project’ International touring to Europe and the United States Concerts with Music Director Joshua Bell The season is preluded with a musical journey through the seasons on two continents with Music Director Joshua Bell. Inspired by Vivaldi’s best-known work The Four Seasons, Piazzolla, whose 100th anniversary is thisContinue Reading

Two of Prague’s veteran American expats, two new books, and one special evening await this Saturday, August 21, from 5pm at The Globe Bookstore and Café. Max Munson, co-founder of the famous Restaurace Jáma (1994), and Mark Baker, co-founder of The Globe Bookstore and Cafe (1993), will discuss their newly published books. Mark Baker recently released Čas Proměn (A Time of Change, Albatros Media), a memoir detailing his personal, on-the-ground perspective of the events leading up to and following the Velvet Revolution. Max Munson recently published Diving Back In (in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon), a memoir breaking down the rediscovered joys of returning to something once loved in youth. For Munson, this was swimming, but the lessonsContinue Reading

Archa Theatre will present a Czech theatre installation with 12 women of different professions in English. Prague’s Archa Theatre will offer a completely new experience of attending a theatre performance. Its new original production Those Who Speak for Themselves will transform the theatre hall into a huge gallery, whose exhibits will be the authentic life stories of twelve women. It will then be up to the audience to decide whether to experience all the stories or only some parts, or in what order they will see the stories. The English-language premiere of the play is scheduled for Sunday, August 22. “The viewer enters a space that resembles a gallery installation. The authentic stories of twelve women intertwine in the production,Continue Reading

Olomouc, 15th July 2021 – For the 6th time the documentary film festival Země na talíři (World on a Plate) about people, food and environment is coming back to Olomouc. Event, shedding light on issues connected to food production, will take place on Wednesday 21st July at Pevnost poznání Olomouc (Areál Korunní pevnůstky, 17. listopadu 7). This summer the festival offers a documentary „Mothers of the land“ – a peak into both struggles and joys in lives of five Peruvian traditional female farmers growing quinoa and potatoes during the time of climate crisis. Also workshop on DIY eco-cosmetics and, quiz and discussion with a young couple who runs an ecological farm Zahrada Vesna and produces and sells fresh vegetables inContinue Reading

Prague, July 13 – This Friday and Saturday, the multi-genre festival Praha žije hudbou will overtake streets, squares, parks and other public spots of the Czech capital. The lineup will offer around 200 artists of various genres from pop through rock, jazz, rap, beatbox and electronic music to classical music, but also a number of theater performances or slam poetry. On the two-day festival held under the motto “Art belongs to the streets”, streets of Prague will witness live performances by world-famous jazz trumpeter Laco Déczi with his Celula New York ensemble, singer Ondřej Ruml, genre-spanning band minus123minut, folk-pop singer Voxel, multi-instrumentalist balancing between folk and electronic music Bára Zmeková or beatbox masters Endra and Tiny Beat. Some will returnContinue Reading

Klez Brandar is about to exhibit the sixth edition of Lusk Dizehan – a unique concept Breton artist has created himself and started in 2016. Collection of 21 stories told with digital photographs and followed by brief text with thoughts of the artist on the topic. The first official exhibit of a photographer will take place in Gallery 35 of Institute Français de Prague from July 1st to September 3rd. I bumped into Klez on the corner of the building in the Florence area when we both were rushing to Kasarna Karlín for the interview, the place he picked earlier. Klez takes Malinovka and we are looking for a place to make ourselves comfortable for the next few hours. PlaygroundsContinue Reading