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Student in Bratislava Sets School on Fire and Dies In the Blaze

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According to the Štandard newspaper’s website, a tragic incident occurred in Bratislava where a student set fire to a school and subsequently lost his own life in the blaze. The incident took place early this morning.

The newspaper stated, referring to an unnamed source, that the student was an 18-year-old who had been performing well in his studies and had only one more year of high school remaining. He was described as a trouble-free student.

He ignited the fire on the first floor of the school after previously setting fire to motor vehicles on the street. Reports indicate that he was moving around the city on a scooter and accessed the school by climbing a ladder and breaking a window.

The School for Exceptionally Gifted Children, along with a grammar school on Teplice Street in Bratislava, is a state school that specializes in providing education for gifted children. It was the first and, for a significant period, the only school in Slovakia dedicated to this purpose.

The daily newspaper Pravda mentioned that the school had gained notoriety for being attended by a 19-year-old who, in October of the previous year, fatally shot two individuals outside a gay bar in Bratislava known as Tepláreň. The school had previously condemned the act of violence, emphasizing that it could not replace the positive influence of family and social networks.

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