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A Man Died on the New Hlávkov Bridge After a Fight Near Fuchs2 Club in Prague

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On Saturday night in Prague 7, a tragic incident unfolded as a man lost his life following a physical assault. The distressing event transpired outside an unidentified club located on Hlávkov Bridge, as confirmed by the Prague police.

Prague police spokesman Jan Daněk revealed, “We have been diligently investigating an incident of physical assault that took place in front of a club on Hlávkov Bridge in Prague 7 since the preceding night. Unfortunately, this investigation concluded with the tragic death of one of the individuals involved.” However, he refrained from disclosing the specific club’s name. Notably, the Hlávkov Bridge vicinity hosts two clubs: Bike Jesus and Fuchs2.

Daněk emphasized that this wasn’t a multi-person altercation, though no additional details were disclosed. He remarked, “At this juncture in our initial investigation, this constitutes all the information we can provide on this matter.”

According to reports by, the incident is believed to have occurred around 3:00 AM. Jana Poštová, a spokesperson for Prague’s emergency responders, conveyed that the victim was a 50-year-old man, and despite their dedicated efforts, resuscitation attempts spanned 20 minutes but regrettably proved unsuccessful.



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