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A Scooterist Dies in a Dispute with a Motorcyclist in Pilsen

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It looked like a traffic accident at first. A motorcycle off the road and a man lying next to it with no signs of life. But in reality, there was no crash. According to Pravo, the man found dead after a fight with a scooterist. The incident happened on Saturday night near Příchovice in the southern Pilsen region.

“Criminal investigators are looking into the death of a man, year of birth 1980, which occurred yesterday around 11pm in the southern Pilsen region. They have detained a 46-year-old man in connection with the case,” said police spokesman Ondřej Hodan. The suspect is in police custody and faces charges of grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

As Právo found out, the conflict occurred on the road after the biker had scolded the man on the scooter for being poorly lit. A scuffle then ensued between the two.

“We were called to a reported traffic accident. At the scene we secured the motorcycle against fuel leaks and helped with the man’s resuscitation,” said regional fire department spokesman Michal Holeček.

Rescuers were unable to help him. “The doctor pronounced him dead,” added Maria Svobodová, a spokeswoman for the rescue service. A court-ordered autopsy will clarify the cause of death.

Investigators at the scene suspected the motorcycle had no damage. The motorcyclist’s injuries did not correspond to the accident.


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