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Are You From Ukraine? A Man Asked 2 Women and Brutally Beat Them Up

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Police are investigating an incident that occurred on Sunday, August 13, in the town of Plasy in the northern Pilsen region.

“We went to the merry-go-round with the children. Then we sat down with Lilia on the curb and talked. An old Skoda Octavia with a trailer stopped next to us and the man behind the wheel asked if we were from Ukraine. Then he drove a few meters away, left the car running and came back to us,” Tatyana, 44, describes the situation before the attack. According to her, the man first started swearing and then attacked them.

“First I received three punches with a fist on my face. Then he started pulling my hair to get me up, and then he lunged at Lily,” Tatiana recounted the further sequence of events.

She took advantage of the moment when the attacker shifted his attention to her friend, quickly ran to his car and pulled the key out of the ignition so he couldn’t drive away.

“I was about to call the police when two more men came up behind me, kicked me in the back and I dropped the key on the ground. The first attacker picked it up, got into his car and drove away from the scene. At that time, two girls and a guy headed towards us, who called the police and an ambulance, because Lilia was lying on the ground unconscious, with blood on her face,” Tatiana continues.

Fortunately, Tatiana only suffered bruises as a result of the attack. She then gave the police patrol officers a picture of the car with the license plate number and a detailed description of the attacker. Another Ukrainian woman who was attacked remembers little.

“I remember three punches with a fist, and then I don’t remember anything. I only woke up in the hospital,” she said. According to the medical report, she suffered an open fracture of the jaw, as well as fractures of the zygomatic and nasal bones. Regional paramedic Andrea Divišová said she was taken from the scene to the emergency room of Pilsen University Hospital by ambulance.

Police spokeswoman Eva Červenková  said her colleagues were investigating all the circumstances of the case. She did not comment on whether the suspect had already been found.

The Ukrainians themselves, who fled with their children to the Czech Republic several weeks after the Russian aggression began, cannot explain the motive for the attack.

“We did not quarrel with anyone, we did not provoke anyone to do anything,” they say. However, they say it is somewhat in the context of the sad case the week before last, when a young Ukrainian brutally raped and attempted to kill a 15-year-old girl in Pilsen.

“This act caused a huge resonance and people’s hatred towards Ukrainians increased. We were in the hostel and were afraid to go outside,” Tatiana concluded.

Eva Kantor Pořádková, the mayor of Plasy, said that the police informed her about the case only in general terms. “I don’t know the details,” she said.

However, she noted that Plasy is one of the localities with the largest number of Ukrainian refugees. “There are two hundred of them in the local hostel alone. However, there have been no serious conflicts here so far,” the mayor added.


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