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Woman in Pardubice Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison for Stabbing a Man to Death

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In a tragic incident that occurred last year, a court in Pardubice has sentenced Iveta Rosenberg, aged 40, to nine years in prison. She was convicted stabbing a man to death in an apartment building. The court determined that she committed the act while under the influence of alcohol and pills, driven by a state of insanity.

The man had subjected her to sexual harassment and had forcibly prevented her from leaving the apartment. The court’s verdict took into consideration the impact of alcohol and drugs on her actions.

The ruling, issued by the Pardubice branch of the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, is subject to appeal. The defendant, who has maintained her innocence since the beginning, continues to do so.

The tragic incident unfolded on October 8th when Rosenberg had followed the man to his apartment, intending to retrieve his belongings. However, she had an argument with her boyfriend, with whom she was staying, leaving her with nowhere else to go. After consuming alcohol together, an altercation ensued, leading to the victim sexually assaulting Rosenberg. He verbally and physically assaulted her, including inappropriate touching, and prevented her from leaving the apartment. According to the court, at that moment, Rosenberg was in a state of insanity and unable to control her actions.

Investigators determined that she retrieved a knife from the kitchen counter and repeatedly stabbed the man in the chest, upper limbs, and abdomen, inflicting a total of 18 wounds.

The court acknowledged that the defendant was aware that the combination and quantity of drugs and alcohol she had consumed were detrimental to her mental state. In addition to the nine-year prison sentence, the court ordered her to undergo inpatient anti-alcohol treatment and pay approximately ten thousand crowns in damages to the health insurance company.

The charges in this case relate to the offense of drunkenness, as defined by a section of the Code. It states that if an individual, due to the consumption of an addictive substance, brings themselves, even negligently, into a state of insanity resulting in a criminal act, they may face a sentence ranging from three to ten years in prison. If the offense committed carries a lighter penalty according to the law, the sentence imposed will also be less severe.

The Penal Code provides for a maximum of ten years’ imprisonment for causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death and a maximum of sixteen years’ imprisonment for causing grievous bodily harm with a fatal outcome.


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