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Czech Police is Looking for Tomáš Čermák Convicted of Promoting Terrorism

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On the evening of August 29, Czech police announced a manhunt for Tomáš Čermák, who was convicted in July and sentenced to 5.5 years for promoting terrorism. During the pandemic, Čermák used a video in which he called for attacks on politicians or the burning of the Senate. He had previously received a suspended sentence for making negative remarks about Ukrainians.

“The regional court in Plzen has issued an arrest warrant for the man,” regional police spokeswoman Iva Vršecká told the agency. Police did not specify the reason for the wanted man.

The court convicted Čermák in July and sentenced him to 5.5 years in prison. Last February, Čermák incited his supporters on social media to use all available means, including violence, to prevent the passage of the pandemic amendment. The calls for attacks were directed at members of the government, lawmakers and senators. Čermák admitted making the statements but said they were not serious intentions and that writing the posts was a mistake.

The 35-year-old man has already received one conviction. Last December, the Prague Regional Court sentenced him to 10 months’ suspended imprisonment for defamation of the nation and incitement to hatred. The reason was his statements about Ukrainians.



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