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Two Children Ate Marijuana Candy and Ended Up in the Hospital

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A mother found herself rushing her two children to a hospital in Most when they ingested candy they had discovered lying outdoors. Shockingly, the seemingly harmless candy, bearing deceptive packaging mimicking the well-known Kinder brand of children’s snacks, was later determined to contain THC, a psychoactive compound found in marijuana. An ongoing police investigation has been initiated to delve into the matter.

Last Friday, Václav Krieger, the police spokesperson, provided information regarding this concerning incident. It appears that two minors from the Most region stumbled upon these candies containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) outdoors. While specific details such as their exact ages and the location of the incident remain undisclosed, Krieger did confirm that the two minors were indeed from the Most region.

In a statement, Krieger revealed, “Their mother promptly rushed them to the hospital, where medical examinations confirmed the presence of the drug in their systems. Thankfully, the children are in good health, and there was no threat to their well-being.”

The police are actively looking into the origins of the contaminated candy and the circumstances surrounding this incident. Krieger pointed out, “The candy was concealed within packaging imitating the popular and widely recognized chocolate manufacturer Kinder Surprise. It is abundantly clear that this is unquestionably not an authentic product.”

According to law enforcement, it is highly unlikely that these illicit goods could have been legally obtained within the Czech Republic, suggesting that they may have been smuggled in from abroad.

Krieger elaborated, “Instances of such candy have already come to our attention. The packaging of these products features an image of a cannabis plant along with information indicating their THC content.” Nevertheless, the police have refrained from specifying the countries implicated in this issue.

Krieger concluded by urging all citizens to reach out to the Police of the Czech Republic through the designated hotline, 158, or by visiting their nearest police station if they encounter similar candy. He strongly discouraged unwrapping and consuming such products, emphasizing the potential risks involved.



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