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Rainy Weather and Low Temperatures This Weekend in Czech Republic

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The upcoming weekend in the Czech Republic is expected to be marked by rainy weather, accompanied by maximum temperatures reaching up to 22 degrees Celsius. There will be occasional heavy rainfall, and temperatures might drop to around 15 degrees. This forecast is provided by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) through their official Facebook page. According to meteorologists, the current rainy conditions are favorable for mushroom pickers as the continuous rainfall significantly increases the likelihood of mushroom growth. However, they also warned that mosquito activity is on the rise, particularly in southern Moravia, Polabie, and southern Bohemia.

The recent rainfall in the Czech Republic can be attributed to a cold front passing through the region. Meteorologists report that an average of 32 millimeters of rain fell last week, which is twice the normal rainfall for this time of year. This heavy downpour comes after an extended period of dry weather, as stated by meteorologists on their Twitter account.

The good news is that the rainfall is expected to gradually diminish in the south-eastern half of the country today, but it will intensify once again on Friday evening. The weekend is likely to experience the most frequent rain, especially on Saturday in the southeastern half of the territory and on Sunday in the east. Some sporadic heavy rainfalls are anticipated, with daily precipitation reaching around 40 millimeters, according to the meteorologists. They also predict that the rain will ease up early next week, with temperatures gradually warming up to 25 degrees.

Despite the inconvenience of the rain, the continuous downpours are providing ideal conditions for mushroom growth. Meteorologists identify the Moravian-Silesian, Olomouc, Zlín, and Karlovy Vary regions, along with the Šumava, Ore, Jizera Mountains, and the Krkonoše Mountains, as having the highest probability of witnessing significant fungal growth. This forecast model of possible fungal growth is a collaborative effort between meteorologists and the Czech Mycological Society, ensuring accurate information for mushroom enthusiasts.

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