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A Chef in a Czech Restaurant Put a Russian Anthem for Ukranians. He Has Been Fired Immediately

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A chef at the Cotton Club restaurant in Brandýs nad Labem was dismissed this week for an unfortunate incident involving a Ukrainian customer. The chef played the Russian anthem and a siren, leading to a negative confrontation. The restaurant’s manager, Jindřich Minx, confirmed the employee’s termination to the news agency, expressing his disagreement with such behavior.

According to the account of the Ukrainian customer, Olesya Koshylova, she asked for the wi-fi password and was told that the internet was only available in Russian. Initially, she brushed it off, assuming they mistook her for a Russian national. However, the situation escalated when she heard the Russian anthem playing. Upon inquiring about it, the waiter confirmed the anthem and seemingly disregarded her nationality.

Instead of responding appropriately, the waiter should have simply apologized. Unfortunately, he proceeded to play a siren sound, which reminded Koshylova of the distressing daily experiences faced by Ukrainian cities due to Russian attacks.

The incident quickly spread online, leading to a flurry of negative reviews for the restaurant. In response, the Cotton Club Brandýs condemned the waiter’s actions and distanced itself from his behavior. They emphasized that the restaurant disagreed with any political views expressed by its employees and announced that the employee responsible for the incident had been dismissed. They also expressed their solidarity with Ukraine, denouncing any violations of its rights and freedoms.

Restaurant manager Jindřich Minx expressed his confusion over the chef’s actions, as the employee had never shown any interest in politics before. He expressed sadness that the actions of one individual could impact the perception of all Ukrainians. He reiterated that the incident was an isolated occurrence, and the restaurant had previously supported Ukraine financially during the ongoing war.

In conclusion, the Cotton Club Brandýs took the incident seriously, addressed it promptly, and reaffirmed its commitment to tolerance, respect, and support for Ukraine.


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