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Czechia Seeks Partnership with Africa. Petr Pavel Met with Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi.

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The Czech Republic has the potential to assume a more significant role in Africa compared to its previous engagement. Czech President Petr Pavel conveyed this sentiment following his meeting with Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on August 7th.

Pavel expressed that advancing collaboration with African nations aligns with Europe’s broader interests, aiming to prevent the region from falling under the influence of Russia and China. In light of this, Pavel communicated to his African counterpart that Prague envisions Mozambique as a promising partner, built upon mutual respect. He pointed out that Mozambique presents opportunities for Czech enterprises operating within defense, healthcare, transportation infrastructure, agricultural processing, and renewable energy sectors.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that both leaders acknowledged the potential for Czech Republic and Mozambique to work together in combatting terrorism. Pavel asserted that his nation can offer substantial support to African allies, owing to its military experience gained through training missions in Mali.

The presidents also addressed the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Mozambique’s President emphasized his country’s desire for a swift resolution to the conflict. In response, Petr Pavel highlighted the shared interest of the Czech Republic and Mozambique in ending the conflict. However, they differ in their perception of associated risks related to military actions. The Czech Republic perceives a security threat due to its proximity, whereas African countries, including Mozambique, are concerned about potential disruptions in grain supplies historically sourced from Russia and Ukraine.

It is worth noting that Mozambique attained independence in 1975 after being a Portuguese colony. During an official visit to the Czech Republic spanning August 7th to 8th, President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi held discussions not only with Pavel but also engaged with other key figures, such as Marketa Pekarova-Adamova, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Vit Rakusan, the first deputy prime minister and head of the Interior Ministry, and Jiri Dragos, the first vice-speaker of the Senate. Additionally, his itinerary included a meeting with representatives from the Czech defense industry.



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