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Two Teenagers Attacked a Bus Driver in Czechia

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Two juveniles are currently under investigation by the police for their alleged involvement in an attack on a city bus driver in Most. The assault left the driver unconscious, necessitating his transfer to a hospital by paramedics. Notably, management within the North Bohemian transport sector acknowledges an escalating prevalence of unruly passengers in recent times.

The incident unfolded at a bus stop located in proximity to the Most shopping center. While specific details from the CCTV footage are restricted due to an ongoing police inquiry, it is reported that two passengers orchestrated a particularly aggressive assault on the public transportation operator. The aftermath of the attack saw the driver hospitalized in Most, with suspicions of sustaining moderate injuries.

Jaroslav Hrvol, the director of the Most Municipal Police, elucidated that the aid of the camera system enabled the identification of the two suspects. A speedy response from the motorized patrol led to their apprehension merely minutes after they fled toward the city center.

Subsequently, the suspects were transferred to the Czech Police, who are now undertaking a more comprehensive investigation into the matter. Miroslava Glogovská, spokesperson for the Police of the Ústí nad Labem Region, conveyed that Most criminal investigators are diligently piecing together the assault’s intricacies and evaluating the information at hand.

In light of the incident, the transport company has disclosed that the driver has no recollection of the events, as he was rendered unconscious during the attack. Vladimír Šefr, deputy director of the Most and Litvínov Transport Company, shared that the driver sustained extensive facial bruising. Current updates suggest that he is likely to remain hospitalized for several more days.

Meanwhile, the Ústí nad Labem transport company has noted a mounting number of altercations within public transport services. This trend led to the recent termination of a direct route connecting the problematic Mojžíř housing estate to the city center.

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