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How Much Money Czech Students Need Per Month?

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University students in the Czech Republic require an average monthly budget of over CZK 9,000 to sustain their living expenses, with approximately half of this amount allocated to housing costs. Transport expenses account for around CZK 1,000 per month on average. However, most students are unable to cover these expenses solely from their own funds, often relying on financial support from their parents. These findings were presented by representatives of the Young Pirate Party at the Hybernská Campus in Prague today.

The survey, conducted in April of this year, included 436 students aged 18 to 26. On average, each student has access to over CZK 7,500 per month, but nearly half of the students either have no personal income or earn up to CZK 4,000 monthly. Only approximately 14 percent of the respondents manage to cover their expenses entirely from their own funds, while the majority predominantly rely on support from their parents. The survey authors noted that the average financial assistance received from parents, other relatives, or the state amounts to slightly above CZK 6,000.

Six out of ten university students lack a financial reserve that could sustain them for four months, and less than a fifth have sufficient savings to cover even a single month of living expenses.

According to the survey, one-third of the participants live with their parents, while 33 percent rent their accommodations. The survey revealed that some individuals are unable to live with their parents due to various circumstances. Approximately 22 percent of students reside in dormitories, while the remainder is divided among students living in family-owned apartments, their own apartments, or with other relatives, among other living arrangements.

Around two-thirds of students study in cities other than their hometown, as indicated by the survey. While two-thirds of students who live close to their educational institution reside with their parents, a fifth of those studying in different cities also choose to live with their parents.

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