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Czech Government Takes Steps to Eliminate Outdated Regulations

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Table of Contents

The purpose of the Act on the Elimination of Outdated Regulations is to bring clarity and simplicity to the legal framework.

The new legislation targets obsolete norms, including regulations that were adopted during the early years of Czechoslovakia but have long lost their relevance. Keeping these outdated regulations in the state systems only creates unnecessary burdens.

In the previous parliamentary term, the government made efforts to repeal several hundred pieces of legislation. However, due to time constraints, MPs were unable to engage in thorough debates on the matter.

Among the numerous laws, regulations, and ordinances currently under repeal are measures such as the law eliminating rewards for tax offenders, the law ending the celibacy requirement for teachers in municipal and civil schools, and a government ordinance that abolished maximum prices for dairy products and lard back in 1919.

The repealed regulations are expected to be removed from the legal system starting from January of the upcoming year.

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