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This Week Czechia Will Have Extremely Hot Days

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Anticipate a scorching weekend ahead, as temperatures are set to reach a high of 34°C in the southeastern region on Sunday. Skies are projected to remain predominantly clear, with instances of showers and thunderstorms being rare. The tropical heat is expected to persist at least through the initial half of the upcoming week, accompanied by minimal rainfall.

Today, temperatures are unlikely to surpass 30°C, and Wednesday may bring about intense thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rainfall. Friday’s forecast indicates a peak temperature of 31°C, with thunderstorms predominantly confined to mountainous areas, and both rainfall and cloud cover diminishing in the evening.

Saturday is predicted to feature skies ranging from clear to partly cloudy, with isolated showers or thunderstorms possible from the western direction. Daily high temperatures are estimated to fluctuate between 29°C and 33°C. Moving into Sunday, the thermometer is expected to read between 28°C and 32°C, possibly even reaching 34°C in the southeastern region. Nighttime temperatures over the weekend will generally fall to the range of 18°C to 14°C, with some locations potentially experiencing tropical nights where temperatures won’t dip below 20°C.

The hot weather pattern, accompanied by sporadic showers or thunderstorms, is anticipated to persist at least until the upcoming Thursday, based on today’s weather projections.

On Wednesday evening, robust thunderstorms carrying torrential rain and hail swept through the Czech Republic, resulting in fallen trees and flooded cellars. Notably, the State Opera House basement and the main train station’s ticket hall in Prague were inundated with water. These weather conditions complicated the operations of public transportation and certain railway lines, particularly in the southern and central Bohemian regions.



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