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“Hail Putin!” The Roma in Krupka Have Protested in Front of the House with Ukranian Residents

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During Tuesday’s Roma march in Krupka, riotous demonstrators engaged in violent behavior, attacking people on balconies and shouting controversial slogans like “black power” and “glory to Putin.” Surprisingly, the police praised the event’s peaceful outcome, despite videos circulating on social media showing escalating violence with little police presence.

Several hundred Romani people gathered in Krupka after a conflict at the Maršov housing estate on Sunday. Although police charged a 33-year-old man from Moldova with disorderly conduct and deportation, tensions remained high. Videos emerged of angry crowds shouting anti-Ukrainian slogans and throwing objects at individuals on balconies.

In response to criticism of their limited presence, the police defended their approach, stating that an increased number of officers could have exacerbated the situation. They claimed to have monitored the event closely, documenting the proceedings and evaluating speeches for potential incitement to violence.

During the march, derogatory remarks against Ukrainians were made, although the organizer stated that it was not an anti-Ukrainian demonstration. After representatives of the demonstrators met with the police, the event concluded around 7:30 PM. However, an attack on people on a balcony occurred afterward.

What stands out from the event is the relatively sparse police presence, with only a few members of the anti-conflict team visible, despite the dense crowd of several hundred people. This contrasts with other gatherings where smaller numbers of participants led to the deployment of riot police, such as incidents involving environmental extremists blocking traffic in Prague.

Despite the tensions and violence at the Krupka march, the police remained cautious in their approach, which has raised questions about their response to various demonstrations and their prioritization of resources.

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