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Police Detained a Man Who Wanted to Blow Up Czech President

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In a recent development, Prague police have detained a man from Česká Lípa who sent an anonymous email to the Castle, claiming the presence of explosives in President Petr Pavel’s office. The incident occurred on the night of July 17, as stated on the police website today. Authorities have taken the threat seriously, and the perpetrator faces up to three years in prison for disseminating the alarmist message.

The threatening email, which arrived around 2 a.m., warned of explosives at Prague Castle, with the potential for remote detonation. The Extremism and Terrorism Department took over the investigation, deploying various resources to swiftly track down the suspect. Within hours, the forty-one-year-old man was apprehended in collaboration with Česká Lípa police. Further inquiries revealed that he had previously sent fourteen similar threatening emails and had two prior convictions for property crimes.

President Petr Pavel, currently on a working visit to South Bohemia, addressed the matter, emphasizing the seriousness of such threats. He expressed the importance of not ignoring such incidents, while also suggesting that they might reflect an individual’s frustration rather than a genuine fundamental threat.

The successful apprehension of the suspect highlights the dedication of the police in ensuring the safety and security of the Castle and its occupants, while also demonstrating the severity of consequences for those who engage in such dangerous behavior.

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