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Eco Activists Damaged 50 Cars in Brno and More Across EU

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The extremist group known as Tyre Extinguishers has caused damage to over 600 cars in nine European countries, including the Czech Republic, during the night of June 20. The group claims that this coordinated campaign aims to draw attention to the climate pollution caused by large SUVs.

According to their Twitter account, the highest number of tires were damaged in the French city of Toulouse, affecting 146 cars. Barcelona and Bologna saw damage to 100 and 60 cars, respectively. Berlin and Brno also experienced incidents where 50 cars were affected. Other European cities where the activists made their presence known include Dublin, The Hague, Paris, Zurich, and Manchester.

Tyre Extinguishers describe themselves as a leaderless international group. After deflating the tires, they leave behind flyers on the windshields, providing information about the incident, ostensibly for the “safety of the owner.”

The organization’s goal is to make owning SUVs in cities impossible. They state that they do not damage licensed disabled vehicles or work vehicles used in construction, supply, ambulance, or forestry. For other cases, they address the issue at their discretion on-site, as per their statement.

Members of the organization mentioned their tragic experience in Brno, where a little girl lost her life three years ago when she was hit by an SUV driver while reversing because he did not see her.

During an interview with DVTV in May, a representative of the association in the Czech Republic emphasized that while personal property should be respected, human life holds greater importance.

The Czech branch of the group operates under the name “Pořádnou čočku – Tyre Extinguishers.” In one of their social media posts, they express their belief that they cannot convince current off-road drivers to give up driving. Instead, their aim is to make their lives uncomfortable, leading people to realize that buying an SUV for city use is not worthwhile. They state that they will continue their actions to defy the owners until everyone comprehends that SUVs will not bring comfort in urban areas.

These activists have previously taken action in Brno, which has resulted in significant waves of criticism each time. The largest global action by Tyre Extinguishers occurred last November when they deflated the tires of over 900 cars worldwide in a single night.

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