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Another Fight with Romani in Brno’s Infamous Bronx

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On Friday evening, a violent altercation occurred on Cejl Street in Brno, a location often referred to as the Bronx. The incident was captured on video with apparent Romani commentary by an individual in a car and later circulated on the internet. The video falsely claimed that three Romani men attacked a Ukrainian. However, according to Novinky findings, the actual situation differs from the viral video’s narrative.

The victim of the attack is indeed a foreigner, but not of Ukrainian nationality, as originally stated. The incident involved four individuals who got into a conflict, resulting in one person being injured and subsequently treated in the hospital, as confirmed by police spokesman David Chaloupka in a statement to Novinky.

Chaloupka emphatically clarified that there was no conflict between Romani people and Ukrainians, dispelling the misconception perpetuated by the video and its commentary. Among the four involved in the altercation, three were Czechs, and the injured foreigner was of a different nationality, which the spokesman did not disclose.

The police are actively investigating the incident, including analyzing the video and its commentary. Chaloupka assured that they have identified all participants in the conflict, and the investigation is ongoing. He mentioned that alcohol played a role in the altercation, and authorities are diligently pursuing the case to ascertain the truth behind the incident on Cejl Street.


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