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Two Trams Collided in Prague. The Driver Had to Be Extracted by Firefighters

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Two trams collided this morning at the Modřanská rokle tram stop in Prague. The driver of one of them had to be put into artificial sleep by rescuers. One of the passengers was also injured. Prague rescuers reported this on the X network, formerly Twitter. Tram traffic in the section Nádraží Braník – Libuš was interrupted for more than two hours in both directions, it was restored at about 09:00.

The unfortunate incident occurred at approximately 6:45 AM, affecting ten passengers who were on board the trams at the time of the collision. Urgent intervention was needed to extract the wedged driver from the tram, a procedure carried out by firefighters. Medical responders placed the driver in a medically induced coma and took measures to ensure her airway stability. Another injured individual, a passenger with a back injury, remained conscious throughout the ordeal.

Prague’s law enforcement spokesperson, Richard Hrdina, confirmed that an investigation into the root cause of the accident was underway.

The aftermath of the collision disrupted tram operations between Nádraží Braník and Libuš for over two hours, with services only returning to normalcy around 9:00 AM.

Affected by the traffic interruptions were tram lines 3, 17, 21, and 27. However, after the clock struck 9:00 AM, tram services gradually resumed in the area. An exception was noted for Line 21, which remained suspended in Braník due to the presence of the crashed tram in the Levský loop, as communicated by the local transportation authority.



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