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Police Have Found a Man Suspected of Attacking Ukrainian Women in Plasy

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Today, the Plzeň-North District Court ordered the detention of a 48-year-old man suspected of assaulting two Ukrainian women in Plasy, situated in the northern Plzeň region, on August 13. Police spokesperson Pavla Burešová conveyed this information to the Czech News Agency. The man was charged with battery and disorderly conduct 10 days after the incident. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence of up to five years. Additionally, authorities are actively seeking two other individuals believed to be linked to the assault.

It’s important to note that while the police have not explicitly confirmed the Ukrainian nationality of the attacked women, they did identify them as foreigners. The official details of the events that transpired on the evening of August 13 in Plasy have yet to be disclosed by the police. On August 23, they released a statement acknowledging the ongoing investigation into the incident, revealing that they had identified one suspect, and criminal proceedings were initiated against that individual. The indictment of one of the suspects was subsequently reported the following day.

According to unofficial reports, two Ukrainian women aged 34 and 44 were accomponied by their 2-year-old and 11-year-old children. Accounts from suggest that while the women were seated on the sidewalk, a vehicle pulled up beside them. The driver inquired about their Ukrainian origin, and upon their response, he drove a short distance before returning to physically assault them. The assailant then fled the scene. However, one of the women provided the police with a photograph of his car, along with its license plate number, and offered a description of the man.

Tensions and expressions of hostility towards Ukrainians escalated in the Plzeň region following the news of an 18-year-old Ukrainian man’s arrest. This individual was accused of committing rape and attempted murder against a girl in Plzeň on August 8. The police apprehended him several hours after the incident, pressing charges of attempted murder and rape, leading to his detainment. These events triggered strong reactions on social media, including calls for severe punishment, derogatory remarks, and discussions of organizing a demonstration against Ukrainians. Ultimately, such a protest materialized in Pilsen over the past weekend.



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