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Petr Pavel: It Is Not Acceptable to Restrict Rights Because of Sexual Orientation

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President Petr Pavel emphasized that it is unacceptable for any segment of society to have their rights curtailed based on their sexual orientation. He expressed his view that the marriage equality law is not a revolutionary concept but rather a just legal framework. These statements were made during his video address at a conference held in the Senate, discussing marriage and parenthood for gay and lesbian couples. The event also saw support for the adoption of the law from Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) and House Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09). The lower house is expected to vote on Thursday regarding the advancement of the legislation for further consideration. However, there is no unanimous consensus within the Chamber, as opinions on the matter vary between supporters and opponents. The conference, organized by the We Are Fair initiative, which advocates for marriage equality, provided a platform for discussions on the topic.

President Pavel stressed in his address, “It is not possible for a section of society to have their rights restricted because of their sexual orientation.” He acknowledged that this subject generates intense emotions and triggers passionate debates, often resulting in the overshadowing of individuals’ rights and the rights of their children. He cited surveys indicating public support for marriage equality, highlighting that the proposed legal framework aims to provide fairness and recognition for couples and families that already exist within our society. The president concluded by noting that this development is not a revolutionary process but rather a step toward ensuring equal treatment under the law.

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